Cost Of Puppy Bath At Petsmart

Caring for Our Communities We see a future where every petfinds a lifelong, loving home See how we are activein our communityAdoptable petsavailable at nearly every store to inquire about getting my 2 dogs groomed. One is a Bichon Frise and the other dog is a 10 pound mimiture poodle. The add on the website states that grooming starts at $19.00. I am looking at a Bichon dog in the picture. Hence, I have a Bichon dog. The price is $19.00. By the way, he is only 15 pounds! I call the 520-426-1901 phone number and I get transferred to the operations call center. I ask if I need an appointment and I am told "No" walkings welcome. Says so even on their website! I drive my two dogs to the store in Casa Grande,Arizona. Only to be told that the grooming department does not have any available appointments available until next Tuesday. Well there's another $20.00 in gasoline times 2 trips to get the same job done the first time. The manager offers me a 25% discount off of the total bill of $69.00 for each dog when I was willing to pay for the $19.00 and the additional $26.00 for the pawdicure,see add below, a 50% discount. 
Even though the Pawdicure doesn't start until March 30,2015 the Casa Grande,Arizona store offers it at the 50% discounted price now. Well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do basic math. $19.00 + $26.00=$45.00, not $68.00 for  each dog. Even with a 25%discount, its still a fraud. Before arriving at the Casa Grande, Arizona Pet Smart store: I called the salon and when they answered, I was quoted $7.00-$28.00 for a hair cut if I washed my dogs myself. However, After realizing that I was being ripped off by the store manager. I opted to wash my own two dogs and bring them in to the store for a basic sheep hair cut,  the simpleists hair cut for a dog, its like sheep shering,a basic hair cut. So simple even a blind man could do it. The manager of the grooming salon then quoted me $38.00 for each dog. What happened to $7.00-$28.00 as quoted on the phone?  I'm not asking for a French poodle hair cut on both of my dogs, just the simpliest hair cut available. While this conversation was taking place, I noticed that a groomer was clipping a small dogs toe nails from the side, squeezing the toe nail together which could easily lead to cracking the toe nails all the way up into the curticle causing it to crack and bleed.
The dog was screeming, only then did she revert to the grinder machine to trim back the poor dogs nails. You only have to own dogs to know better than clip your own dogs toe nails sidways, let alone hear them scream when you try to cut toe nails the wrong way, pinching them sideways, where they can crack and bleed or get infected once cracked open!!! How sad that the unsuspecting owner would never bother to look at the toe nails clipped unless they began to bleed, from being cracked open at the groomers. I came home and called the Pet Smart customer support number and ask for a manager! They took my complaint and stated that they would get back to  me in 3-5 business days. They really value, their customers!!! They expect me to wait around for 5 days for them to make things right! This "BS" and "FALSE ADVERTISEMENT" speaks volumes. They don't even value their customers enough to make things right the first time a complaint is filed. So, Far I am out $30.00 in gas,ware-n-tare on my car, time out of my life, money out of muy pocket, and they have the nerve to tell me, I'll get around to you when I am d**n, good and ready!
Amazing, they don't honor their own advertisement or even bother to call the store locations to see if any appointments are in fact: available before telling new customers to go ahead "Walkins are Welcome" I rate their website "F" and their customer service at the Florence store  in Casa  Grande, Arizona an "F" rating! As far as I am concerned they should comp the entire deal, just for the false advertisment alone. Lalique Warehouse SaleThe Better Business Bureau needs to jank their bond license until they do right by their advertisment alone!!! Bi Fold Doors CoventrySTARTING AT $19U.S. / $20CAN Spring Top Dog* Add the freshness of spring to your pet’s groom. Bloodhound Puppies For Sale In EnglandPackage includes: Premium shampoo & conditioner Teeth brushing Marshmallow cologne spritz Seasonal bandana & charm *Availalbe with purchase of a puppy bath or groom.
Offer valid 3/2/15 through 4/6/15 while supplies last. Pet age, health & vaccination requirements apply. Save 50% $26 U.S. / $28 CAN reg. price PAWdicure PLUS A popular service to trim nails, clean ears & brush teeth. Walk-in or add-on service includes: Nail trim & grind Ear cleaning & hair removal Teeth brushing & breath freshener Scented spritz enhanced w/vitamins Bandana or bow *No appointment necessary. Valid 3/30/15 through 4/5/15. STARTING AT   Save 50% $26 U.S. / $28 CAN reg. price PAWdicure PLUS A popular service to trim nails, clean ears & brush teeth. Pet age, health & vaccination requirements apply.     Pet age, health & vaccination requirements apply.Average Hourly Rate for Employees Operating out of Phoenix, Ariz., retail company PetSmart Inc. employs talent in positions ranging from Cashier to Dog Bather. Median pay for PetSmart Inc. workers sits around $9.73 per hour, and overtime compensation can push that up to $19.96. Though your job title and how long you've been working do impact pay, geography is the primary influence on employee salary at PetSmart Inc.
This overview is based on answers to PayScale's salary questionnaire. By State or Province Add to your site Find Out Exactly What You Should Be Paid Comp Managers: Start Here » Year Established:1986Industries:Retail, Other Miscellaneous Store RetailersAlso Known As:Pet Smart, Petsmart, Petsmart, Inc. Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY LocationsWhen it comes to location, the highest average paycheck ($16.53 per hour) can be spotted in the company's headquarter city of Phoenix, Ariz.; Atlanta, Ga. ($14.98), Henderson, Nev. ($12.57), and Avondale, Ariz. (approximately $10.50) are the next top-paying cities. Houston, Texas ranks low on the pay scale — at around $7.38, it is one of the lowest-paid cities. Across PetSmart Inc.'s U.S. offices, employees in the state of Arizona earn the most, taking home about $13.41 per hour.JobsMerchandise Presentation Managers are the best paid with the average salary hovering at $16.66 per hour; Dog Groomers, Stockers, and Dog Trainers also rank near the top of the list, pulling in $10.15, $9.72, and around $9.51, respectively.
Near the bottom at PetSmart Inc. are Cashiers, pulling in an average of just about $8.83.Years of ExperienceAverage pay is approximately $11.58 per hour for those with five to nine years of experience. The largest fraction of PetSmart Inc. people (49 percent) have been working for one to four years and earn $9.43 per hour on average.Certifications and DegreesForklift Certifications have significantly higher pay than non-accredited workers at around $13.77 per hour. The best paid folks at PetSmart Inc. have a B.A. in Bachelor of Arts (BA), earning $12.00 per hour.SkillsWhen it comes to skills, Merchandising seems to bolster pay the most; employees who claim proficiency also enjoy a median income of approximately $13.06 per hour. A relatively widespread skill at PetSmart Inc. is Customer Service; the larger part of employees use it for work. Other skills in demand are Cash Handling, Retail, and Sales.Benefits and Perks28 percent receive paid vacation, and only a fifth of employees get sick leave.
Just over two-fifths of workers take advantage of the 401(k) plan that PetSmart Inc. sponsors. For a majority of employees, benefits include health insurance, and over one-half of workers get dental coverage, too. Some other perks are a casual working environment, company store discount, life insurance, and a stock purchase plan. PetSmart Inc. Employer Job Listings View More Listings » Search for more jobs: Key Stats for PetSmart Inc. Less than 1 year10%1-4 years41%5-9 years24%10-19 years17%20 years or more7% Rated 4 out of 5based on 41 votes. Bachelor of Arts (BA) Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc) Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Associate of Arts (AA) Subscribe to Our Newsletter Recent Blog Posts on Career News Top 5 High-Paying Jobs With Rising Salaries Although most agree that the worst of the economic recession is behind us, wage growth continues to be slower than workers would prefer. How to Bust Out of a Rut