Laptop Cooling Pad Hp Pavilion G6

Message 1 of 3 I have an HP Pavilion G6, (AMD A6 Vision quad core, AMD Radeon Graphics) running Win7 (64 bit) Home Premium that is giving me a couple issues: 1.  The laptop runs extremely hot.  (I know it has a single fan - so part of the issue).  I've burned myself a couple times when touching the left side where the vent is located.  Always use this with a USB cooling fan pad underneath now!  Is there anything to help cool it down more? 2.  I have my power settings set to maximize battery life.  When using my G6 on battery, it will abruptly shut off ( not giving the low battery warning) when the battery is still charged.  I've had it happen with as much as 78% battery still left and as low as 30% battery still left.  It seems to happen most frequently in the 50-60% range.  I'm only able to use it about 30 minutes unplugged.  I don't think that I have switchable graphics. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?  Message 2 of 3 Your laptop is getting to hot and the battery is not holding a charge.
The laptop may be shutting off because the system is getting too hot, not from the battery. and update the BIOS. This may help with the heat. Here is a link to the update. You’ll need your product number. You can find this information by holding the FN key and pressing the ESC key. Make sure that there is no buildup of dust inside the computer by cleaning the vents with compressed air.Indoor Lighting Uva Uvb Here is a link to a document that will show you how to reduce heat.Nike Volt Wrestling Shoes For Sale Also here is a link to test and calibrate the battery.Air Purifier Argo Let me know how everything goes. Have a good day. Message 3 of 3o. My laptop is hp pavilion g6.  I am using windows 8.
1. The laptop's battery lasts for less than thirty minutes when its not plugged in and the laptop overheats excessively. Please help