Led G25 Globe Light Bulbs

Decorative accent light with a brilliant sparkle Philips 4.5W DiamondSpark LED decorative G25 delivers long life, energy savings, sparkling white accent light and contains no mercury. This 4.5W LED globe can replace a standard 40W incandescent and can last 22.8 years*. Decorative accent light with a brilliant sparkle Just by turning the switch, the light is at full brightness. No slow starting or waiting. Long life reduces the hassle of replacing bulbs so often LED bulb with a sparkling brilliance This LED bulb features a revolutionary prism designed to radiate light for a brilliant sparkling effect. This G25 globe is an easy switch from standard incandescent globes and is ideal for use in bathroom vanities. Provides sparkling accent light This DiamondSpark decorative G25 globe provides a soft, white light perfect for general or accent lighting. This fully dimmable globe has a clear finish and unique lense designed to add a decorative sparkle to your room.
This bulb saves $97.62 in energy costs when you replace a 40W incandescent with this 4.5W LED light bulb**. *At $0.11 per kWh, this 4.5W, 330 lumen decorative globe shape LED uses $12.38 of electricity over its 25,000 hour life. This is a $97.62 savings when compared to the $110.00 required to run a 40W, 300 lumen, decorative globe shape incandescent over the same period.Bona Hardwood Floor Express Reviews 22.8 years means rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis where the bulb is used on average 3 hours/day, 7 days a week.Long Haired Chihuahua Puppies For Sale In Houston Tx You might be interested inHunter Douglas Blinds WholesaleGE Lighting North America
GE LEDs offer outstanding energy efficiency, long-lasting performance and just-right brightness, all in one package. They’re dimmable and illuminate your home with soft, warm light. Use this GE LED decorative globe bulb in pendant lights and vanity light fixtures. Its spherical shape provides a finishing touch to your fixtures. It’s great for frequently used fixtures—GE LED’s long life and low energy use will help you save money on energy. 25 watt replacement using only 4.5 watts Lasts 13.7 years based on 3 hours per day usage Estimated yearly energy costs $0.54 based on 3 hours per day $0.11 per kWh $33 in energy savings over the life of the bulb based on 3 hours per day usage 2700K-soft white color appearance G25 globe shape with medium base for vanity strip and pendant light fixtures Risk of Electric Shock Turn power off before inspectionDo not use where directly exposed to water. Not for use totally enclosed luminaires. For use with only approved Class 2 transformers/drivers.
Lamp may shatter and cause injury if broken Do not open - no user serviceable parts inside. Not intended for use with emergency exit fixtures or emergency exit lights. GE Lighting North America Feit Electric LED G25 Globe White Bulb is 8.5 watts (equivalent to 40W)LED G25Brightness: 510 lumens25,000 hour lifeDimmable3000K soft white colourIncludes 1 bulbGreenlite LED Light Bulb 42183 G25 4pk 6w/40w equiv Globe This ENERGY STAR® 6W Globe is the perfect replacement for incandescent G25 bulbs. This LED is UL and cUL approved for dry and damp locations making it the perfect new bulb for your bathroom vanity! This LED is also approved for fully enclosed fixtures and lasts up to 25,000 hours, available in 3000°K and delivers 450 lumens. Energy Star Model # 6W/LED/Globe/D 16 x 6 x 5 in404 - Page Not Found That link has burnt out.. Please excuse us while we change out the link! In the meantime, use the search bar above, browse our categories, or head to back our homepage.
In the meantime, tap the search icon above, browse our categories, or head back to our homepage. Copyright © 2016 Pro Lighting Group Inc. 7060 Kensington Rd., Brighton, MI 48116877-852-9373   M-F 8:00-5:00 EST 0 - 249 Lumens 250 - 499 Lumens 500 - 749 Lumens 750 - 999 Lumens 1000 Lumens and up Specials Most PopularQuick Ship More You May Like GE 43 Watt 2-Pack General Purpose Halogen Light Tesler 30 70 100 Watt Soft White A21 GE 3-Way 50-200-250 Soft White Light Bulb 72W Equivalent 100 Watt-1490 Lumens Soft White Halogen Published on August 30th, 2014 | Modern light bulbs will come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and, needless to say, it can get pretty confusing. Typically, there are eight different light bulb shapes that one might find in use around their home. Modern light bulbs are used in a variety of different fixtures, and each fixture has its own unique set of requirements when it comes to the size, shape and the way the light bulb projects its light.
As a result, selecting the proper light bulb has become more like finding a needle in a haystack. In order to help you understand which shapes and sizes you’ll need, we’ve come up with the following guide: These are the eight most common light bulb shapes you’ll find in your home: It’s important to note that while these names are fairly common throughout the industry, there is no universal set of terms to describe the shape of a light bulb. For example, a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) will be described as a “twist” or “spiral” shaped bulb. Because of this, we recommend that you bring your old light bulb with you to the store so you can compare it with your new light bulb to ensure it’s the proper shape and size. The following graphic should help to give you a better idea of what these bulb shapes look like: And since, for some reason, MR bulbs are not included in the above diagram, here’s a graphic and common use indicator: As we mentioned earlier, all of these light bulb shapes will come in different sizes.
As you’re browsing the light bulb aisle and comparing different packages you may come across designations like A-19, PAR-20 or G-25. The first part of these designations (A,PAR, G) is referring to the actual shape of the bulb itself. The second part (the number) is the measurement of the bulb’s diameter at its widest point, and this is expressed in 1/8ths of an inch. So for example, a bulb labeled A-19 is an Arbitrary shaped bulb (A) that measures 19 eighths of an inch in diameter at the bulbs widest point. Check out this graphic to get a visual idea of how this measurement works: Here is a list of the sizes that are available for each of the eight most common light bulbs you’ll find in your home: Even though there are wide variety of light bulb shapes and sizes available on the market today, there are three shapes and sizes in particular that you are most likely to encounter throughout your home. Check out the following list to see which ones those are and where you’re likely to find them:
In many cases, the exterior of the bulb may not tell you what you need to know about how much energy it’ll use. Incandescents put out light by superheating a filament wire. As you can imagine, that’s not very efficient. 90% of the energy is wasted as heat. CFLs do not have filaments–they are powered by warmly heating a gaseous mixture that, when it gets “excited” glows brightly. This is why CFLs are dim when you first turn them on, and then put out more light as they warm up. LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, meaning that a piece of semiconductor material connects a negatively charged cathode and a positively charged anode. The transfer electrons along this semiconductor material, and this process produces light. Recently a trend in hip restaurants is to use everything vintage–bowls, decorations, and, yes, lighting. This is an unfortunate development on the lighting front because it means that many progressive restaurants are going back to incandescent bulbs to capture that retro look.