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Male Siberian forest kittens for sale in south Wales 2 beautiful male siberian forest kittens for sale, both great with kids, acts more like dogs than cats. By using this site you agree to the use of cookies.Siberian cats and Siberian kittens from 1 Above Siberian Cats are beautiful little Angels who will melt your heart away! Being located in lower New York State and near an International airport, this makes it very convenient for shipping to all points in the Continental U.S. With only a few hours driving time from the nearby and bordering states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, this too makes adopting a Siberian kitten very easy for you. To ensure the highest possible quality, we do months of research prior to introducing a new breederEach cat is carefully selected from superior Champion lines mostly from Russia and other countries in Europe. We breed only Traditional Siberian cats, with no Color Points or Neva Masquerade.
rely on the spectacular color palette that Nature has provided to create our Angel Line of Siberian cats. Whether you are looking for a Silver Angel, Golden Angel, Sapphire Angel, Angel de Noir, we offer you the ultimate in quality from around the world. After traveling through our site you will see why we are "1 Above" the rest! Many of you are very interested in the hypoallergenic qualities of the Siberian cat. Siberian Cats, we take the extra steps necessary to test our adult Siberians cats at a specialized lab to measure their own individual FEL-D1 levels. On the FEL-D1 scale of 1 to 35, we are very proud to state that ALL the adult Siberian cats in our breeding program range from a mere 1.3 to 4.8 on the FEL-D1 scale! Very few breeders can make this claim and back it up with documentation. This guarantees that all kittens from 1 Above Siberian Cats also score very low on the FEL-D1 scale, and it is proof that we are doing our very best to
produce the most hypoallergenic kittens possible. We have provided a separate page explaining cat allergies, FEL-D1 and the Siberian cat. For more information, please click on the link to The health of our kittens at 1 Above Siberian Cats is of the utmost importance to us. All our cats have tested negative for FeLD/FIV. Any kitten purchased from us is thoroughly examined by our veterinarians, age appropriately vaccinated and comes with a 2 year health guarantee.Homes For Sale Eagle Rock Hazleton Pa We believe that the only way to create an Angel kitten is to treat it like an angel. Plastic Outdoor Chairs Feel Gritty they are born, our little �kitten cherubs� are hand raised and spoiled. Homes For Sale In Shelter Bay La Conner Wa
We do not crate or kennel our kittens or cats � they are free to wander our home where they receive an abundance of love, attention and human contact in a caring environment. In about 10 to 12 weeks, when they have finished their �Angel training school�, they are ready to fly into your heart where their love for you will continue to warm your soul for many years to come. So let an Angel kitten from 1 Above Siberian Cats take YOU under its wings!You don't have permission to access /We have been involved with Siberian cats since 1993, when we bought our first cat - Starpoints Nikolai Vetov - from Beth Terrell shortly after she first imported Siberians from Russia. We were obviously very pleased with Nicky, and started raising these cats in our home, under foot, along with the mini poodles. We love these handsome Siberians Cats and enjoy their wonderful personalities. We are a small cattery operating out of our home. We usually maintain five females and two unrelated males.
Our kittens are raised under foot among other cats and kittens and dogs and puppies and the assorted visitors, which means that they should be very well socialized. We have exceptionally low allergen bloodlines and are breeding primarily for healthy family pets with loving personalities. We take great pleasure in helping families with allergy issues acquire a warm and fuzzy and purring pet to brighten their days. Whites Farm was primarily a mini horse and donkey farm for many years. We owed a small petting farm where people paid a small fee to visit and pet the mini horses, donkeys, pygmy goats, calves, lambs, etc. We are located in the rural back woods of New Hampshire. Horses are still a big part of our daily life. TESTIMONIALS > > read what our clients have to say about Whitesfarm and our animals.Below is a list of breeders registered with The Siberian Cat Club. To help you locate breeders in your area our Breeder List is split into 10 regions shown on the map to the left.
These regions are South East, South West, Eastern, East Midlands, West Midlands, North East, North West, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Each of these breeders has agreed to be bound by the Club's Breeder Code of Ethics which outlines our expectation that breeders care for the health and welfare of their cats and kittens and that they will abide by the rules and guildlines of the GCCF. Kittens are required to be at least 13 weeks of age and should have completed a full course of vaccinations and been health checked by a qualified Vet before they are collected. They should be in good health and free from parasites. The breeder should provide a complete pedigree (with a minimum of three generations), registration certificate, care sheet and vaccination record upon collection. Some breeders may require purchasers to sign a contract agreeing to have the kitten neutered by a certain age or may practice early neutering. Please note that the Club does not endorse any of the breeders listed below.